Grants Pass First Student School Bus Drivers & Monitors Opposed To The Teamsters Union

Grants Pass First Student Drivers Against Representation (or lack there of) by the Teamsters Union

Driver Concerns

   This area of the web site is set aside for "First Student Driver & Bus Monitor Concerns". You are currently viewing the entry page to this portion of the web site, which will soon have excerpts from the actual "Driver & Bus Monitor Concern Submissions" which can accessed by hovering over the link that sent you here with your mouse, and clicking the "Fly Out" button with the Driver or Bus Monitors name that wrote their concerns and sent them to us for publication.

   If you wish to have your concerns published, please type them out and send them to us using the e-mail link provided on our "Contact Us" page. You will also have to fill out, print, and sign, the "Web Site Submission Form" on the "Submission Forms" page of our site and hand deliver it to one of our contacts for verification that you actually wrote the piece, and that we have your permission to use it on this web site.

   We apologize for the necessary above step, but there is no other way that we can verify that your publication request is coming from you and not someone else; or that a pro-union co-workers name is not being attached to statements they didn't write by someone fraudulently using their identity. In other words, we are doing everything in our power to keep the integrity of the information presented on this site.

   We encourage you to submit your concerns for publication so your co-workers can review them and see if the concerns you have may affect them, and at the very least give them a chance to research further to make sure this decision to go union won't adversly affect them for the next three (3) to five (5) years.

   If you have comments about union representation, those should be addressed on the "Driver Comments" area of this web site. We thank you in advance for your participation in providing content for this publication.

Just Go Away!
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